‘First food then communication’
Such was the passion of people towards Awadhi cuisine in its heydays. Considerable spirituality revolves around Indian food, which is blessed and elevated to the position of ‘Nemat’ – the special creations of God. The evolution of ‘Zaiqa’, the taste, continued and took Awadhi cuisine to the heights of human love and warmth. ‘Dastarkhwans’ catered to all. From intimate ‘nashishts’ to public ‘mehfils’.

 Being from Lucknow, Awadhi cuisine ruled our kitchens and we knew no other food. The richness of Awadhi cuisine lies not only in the variety of dishes to offer but also in the ingredients used. Awadhi food does not use over a hundred spices as some claim, but use a handful of uncommon spices. The slow-fire cooking lets the juices absorb into the solid parts. In addition to the major process of cooking food in Awadhi style, other important processes, such as marinating meats, contribute to the taste. This is especially the case with barbecued food that might be cooked in a clay oven of over an open fire. For generations, our family dabbled and twisted the menus to bring out new and elevated taste to our food. Now it’s time that we share the same with you all. The fine ‘nazakat’,elegance, of Awadhi food and more at your doorstep. Straight from our home ‘Dastarkhwan’ to your plate. Prepared with lot of love, hygiene and care. Welcome to meetas-small

 The Food: What our labour of love has to offer.
1.Chicken Changezi
2. Chicken Nawabi
3. Chicken Jehangiri
4. Chicken Chandni
5. Mutton Lucknavi
6. Paneer Changezi
7. Paneer Akbari
8. Paneer Chandni
Note: All our meat and chicken products are Halaal only. All ingredients are sourced from top brands in the country. No harmful chemicals or artificial colors used.


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One golden rule is that nothing should be tasted before or after an Awadhi dish, to get the maximum hit of flavours, courtesy a combination of spices, and herbs. It is said that only a few parallels can be drawn to the grandeur and style of the traditional Dastarkhwan (royal spread of food). The cooking style goes back a long time, when the former Nawabs of Lucknow had a specialized Bawarchi for each dish that was made in their homes.
The secret to the taste lies in a Jugalbandi (fusion and mixing) of selective aromatic herbs and spices and taste does not ‘float in oil’ as is the common misconception. “Ghee/oil and spices are used in moderation’’.
With loads of excitement, we start our journey of love and good taste. Our aim is to bring the taste of best of the restaurants with the purity and hygiene of home. With folded hands, tehzeeb, we extend our heartiest wishes to you all.
Once again welcome to meetas-small